Top Advantages of Using Fiberglass Products

Today, various manufacturers often use fiberglass for many types of tools, equipment, and products across many different industries. It’s used to build pools, tanks, and windows. You can use it for various water vehicles, such as boats, kayaks, and surfboards. Fiberglass products include basketball boards, decking, and conduits for cables and waste materials.

To fully understand the increasing popularity of fiberglass, here are some of the more notable advantages this material offers.

It’s Easily Molded

Fiberglass is still a type of glass, and glass can be molded. This means that you can create various products in the shape and size you want using fiberglass. This can help explain the use of fiberglass in so many industries.

It’s Extremely Strong

The strength of fiberglass is excellent, which is why it’s used for so many products. It explains why decking and pools can be made from fiberglass. Because of this strength, fiberglass can be relied up to withstand heavy weights and strong impact forces.

It’s Resistant to Moisture

Haven’t you ever wondered how this material has become so popular in various water-related products? Spas and fish tanks made from fiberglass are very popular, and many surfers and kayakers prefer fiberglass for their surfboards and kayaks.

The main reason for this is that the material is resistant to moisture. So unlike wood, it won’t warp when constantly exposed to moisture and water. It also won’t rust, unlike metallic materials.

It’s Able to Withstand Cold and Hot Weather

Fiberglass is used in many outdoor and aboveground installations because it can handle the cold of winter and the heat of the sun during the summer. So you can leave your fiberglass items outdoors, and you won’t have to worry about damage from the winter cold and snow. It also won’t look bad even after too many hours under the sun, because the UV rays won’t affect the material.

It’s Very Lightweight

For workers, using fiberglass pieces is a welcome relief. That’s because its strength to weight ratio is so high. This means that it can be as strong as some metal counterparts, but the weight can be very low. So for outdoor installations, carrying the fiberglass pieces is much easier for workers.

The lightweight is also great for watercraft like kayaks. That’s because they’re better at gliding through the water because they don’t have to heavyweight to deal with. You’ll find it much easier to paddle on a kayak than with many other types of materials.

It’s Very Smooth

This makes it great for decking, but that’s not all. For conduit installations, the smoothness makes it easier to pull cables through the conduits, and this can make the installation go faster. The smoothness also allows a kayak to slice through the waters more effectively, so it’s easier to paddle and you can go much faster.

It Doesn’t Need a Lot of Maintenance

Just because fiberglass is a special type of material, it doesn’t mean that it needs special maintenance procedures. Even for decking, all you need to do is to vacuum it to get rid of the dust and other debris. You can also use a damp mop occasionally to remove soil and dirt. Every now and then you can use water and a detergent to make it shine.

It’s Non-Porous

Fiberglass doesn’t suffer from stains very easily, and that’s because it’s non-porous. This quality also makes it more resistant to burrowing insects than wood.

Final Verdict

By now, you’re probably aware that fiberglass products are everywhere. That shouldn’t be surprising—it’s tough and easy to use! If you’re a customer, you may want to check if what you’re buying has a fiberglass option. If you’re a manufacturer, you need to consider if fiberglass is an ideal material for the products you make.