How To Choose a Reliable Auto Transport Company?

Auto Transport Industry is full of fraudulent transporters and transport brokers.

The number of reports against auto transporters and the transport brokers is increasing gradually. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) also speaks about the rapidly growing number of complaints. So, it is important for us all to be wary while choosing an auto transport company.

This article will lead you towards the steps you need to follow for choosing an auto transport company whom you can rely upon.

Search Online for the top names – The first step towards searching reliable auto transporters is to search the name of transporters dealing in your area. You can simply do the Google search or search in some car owners’ forums or the collectible car owner website. Try to visit 3-5 forums or websites and note down the name of common and top-rated auto-transport companies from all the websites. Check ratings and reviews to filter out some of the best among all those names.

Double Check for Negative Reviews – Although rating websites are a good source to get an idea about any company’s reputation but they are not always accurate. Try to search for negative reviews and complaint against the company. The negative reviews help you to get the idea as to how bad your experience may go with the particular company. Try searching keywords like ‘complaint against… so and so company’ to see if you can find something. This will help you further narrow down your list of names.

Visit Individual Websites – Once you have some names of auto transporters in your hand, start visiting their websites individually. Don’t ever put your details on multi-quote websites or you’ll start getting 20s of calls daily. These callers may lure you with their discounted price and attractive offers. When choosing the right auto transporter, don’t get into the trap of low cost; your first priority should be the safety of your vehicle. Fill the form to ask for quotes only on the websites that do not seem fishy. And, fill the form accurately so that you get the right quote for your vehicle.

Get information about the resolution procedures – When you contact a company you might be thinking about asking for the quote. But, there are much more factors to be considered, before hiring an auto-transporter to take your vehicle from one place to the other. You must ask the company about their resolution process in case of delay in delivery or damage to the vehicle. You should know beforehand, what responsibilities the shippers are willing to take. Obviously, you do not want to finalize your deal with a company that says they are not liable for any damage your vehicle may sustain while being transported.

Make sure to get the copy of the bill of lading – When you enter into the deal with companies like Executive Auto Shippers, you will get the copy without asking. But, many companies do not bother to give you the copy of the bill of lading. Make sure that the dealer checks your car thoroughly and reports vehicle damages on the bill of lading and provide you a copy after you sign the document. You should, in fact, keep a copy of each document with you.

Read all related documents carefully – Once you have finalized the name of the company with whom you want to get into the deal, you’ll need to sign various documents. These documents will include the terms and conditions of the agreement, the insurance documents etc. Read all the documents carefully before signing because your sign will bind you to the agreement. When you are registering the deal online then also make sure to read everything before hitting the submit button. You might know that digital signature is as binding as the signature you do with a pen on paper. If you find any condition or clause that can put you in the unfavorable condition ask the dealer to rectify it. If the company tells there terms and conditions are unalterable then decide intelligently whether you’ll like to see other options or go with this company only.

Inspect your car upon delivery – Work of an auto shipper does not end by mere delivery of your vehicle. Their duty is to deliver your vehicle on time and in the right condition. So, as soon as you get your vehicle delivered inspect it in front of the dealer. Match the dents and scratches with those listed on the bill of lading. If there’s an additional damage claim the compensation immediately.

Hope the guide was helpful for you!


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